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Episode 2: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 2 of 3

Episode 1: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 1 of 3

Wow - this was my first dive into this Disney Podcast. You have know idea how hard it is to make a podcast until you have to do one yourself. I actually spent hours upon hours working on this podcast and listening to it again it's actually pretty good especially for a first episode. I'll be adding this podcast into other networks soon but here's a quick summary and helpful links. You'll have to listen to get the good details. Thanks for stopping by.

Let's Go On This Ride,


Episode 1: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 1 of 3

  1. Intro  0 - 0:55 seconds
  2. Why this podcast 0:56 - 2:04
  3. Ground rules for rides, tips etc 2:05 - 3:04
  4. Why the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve is so busy 3:05 - 5:09
  5. Step 1
    1. Plan the busiest day of your vacation first and in this case it's New Years Eve 5:10
    2. Visiting the park on New Year's Eve and why I like Magic Kingdom 7:27
    3. Dining reservations on New Year's Eve 8:00
    4. Parade positioning 10:12
    5. Fast pass reservations on New Year's Eve 12:46
    6. Zig when everyone else is Zagging 14:00

Magic Kingdom Map with Tips



The Gang on Splash Mountain (yes a fast pass that day)


The Castle on New Year's Eve - pretty right?



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