Episode 2: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 2 of 3
Episode 4: Duly Doing Disney Dining

Episode 3: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 3 of 3


Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 3 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney. In this episode we complete part 3 of our 3 episode series of how to survive the most crowded days in Disney World. In this episode we talk about how to have fun in this super busy week as well as one of my favorite tips that I learned a long time ago, Disney doesn't wait for you, you wait for Disney. Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments, ratings, critiques, whatever works for you.

Let's Go On That Ride,


Episode 3: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 3 of 3

  1. Intro: 0 - 0:47 seconds
  2. Step 4: Disney Doesn't Wait for You, You Wait for Disney 0:48 - 15:15
    1. Disney Magical Express Tips 2:12 - 4:44
    2. Disney transportation tips 4:45 - 8:13
    3. Cabs, Lyfts, Uber oh my 8:14 - 9:57
    4. Dinner and park show tips 9:58 - 12:24
    5. Parade and fireworks tips 12:25 - 15:15
  3. Step 5: Remember to enjoy yourself 15:16 - 19:56
    1. Disney Hollywood Studios light show and reminiscing about the Osborne lights 17:56 - 18:49
  4. Summary 19:57 - 21:18

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review Link and video below

Disney's Magical Express link

Disney's The Osborn Family Spectacular link and video

Current Light Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios Emanating from Tower of Terror











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