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Traveling with Little Kids to Disney World Part 1

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 23 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney titled Taking Kids to Disney World Part 1. That's right this episode is the long awaited episode on my tips for taking little kids to Disney World.  

This episode looks at the best time of year to go with your kids (hint: it is NOT during the summer), tips for traveling with little kids, and some of my favorite hotels to stay at; my favorite hotel might surprise you! Thanks for listening. If you can please leave me a review and subscribe in whatever podcast platform you use. Let's go on this ride.


Episode 23  Taking Kids to Disney World Part 1

0:00 Intro

0:14 Episode Summary

1:04 When to Travel to Disney World

9:05 Tips for Traveling with little kids

14:10 Eric's Favorite Disney World Hotels

23:48 Wrap Up


P.S. In between this episode and episode 19 there were three quick hits episodes which looks at recently announced changes. Those links are below:


Kaela and Jake on our Hotel Room Balcony at Animal Kingdom Lodge


Kaela and Jacob at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party


Jacob and Kaela at the Sand Bottom Pool at Yacht and Beach Club








Zipadee Doo Dah Disney is a blog by Eric Frenchman and made with love for all my friends and family that have ever asked me about how to have a great time on a Disney World Trip.


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