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Episode 6: Fast Passing Future World, Epcot Part 1 of 2


Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 6 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney. Episode 6 is titled Fast Passing Future, Epcot Part 1 of 2 where we briefly explore some of the changes coming to Epcot and how you can plan your visit to Future World. You are going to hear tons of great information including how to navigate the front section of Epcot, fast passing future world, and where to eat and shop. Thanks for listening and as always, please leave me comments good or bad.

Let's Go On This Ride,


Episode 6: Fast Passing Future World, Epcot Part 1 of 2

  1. Intro: 0:00 - 1:10
  2. Quick Overview of Changes to Epcot: 1:11 - 3:05
  3. Navigating Epcot 3:06 - 6:45
  4. Epcot Fast Pass Strategy and Leo 6:46 - 11:27
  5. Soarin' and Land Pavilion 11:28 - 14:38
  6. Test Track Baby! 14:39 - 16:58
  7. Mission Space 16:59 - 17:56
  8. Back to Center of Future World and Spaceship Earth 17:57 - 19:48
  9. Living with The Seas and More 19:49 - 21:08
  10. Eating in Future World 21:09 - 22:27
  11. Summary 22:28 - end

Annotated Map of Future World


Link to Coral Reef Restaurant

Hanging with Minnie Mouse


Test Track Baby


Mission Accomplished on Mission Space





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