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Episode 10: Springing into a No Kids Vacation at Disney Springs


Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 10 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney. Episode 10 is titled Springing into a No Kids Vacation at Disney Springs. The episode takes a look at all the awesome adult things we did on our recent no kids The voidvacation. We stayed at Disney's Saratoga Springs Hotel so you'll get a nice review of what it's like to stay at the hotel and all the amenities that are available to you including the quick boat ride to Disney Springs and the delicious lobster roll (see pic below). I spend the bulk of the episode reviewing Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney; the review includes all of the awesome places we've eaten at over the years. Thanks for listening. 

Let's Go On This Ride

Eric (picture on the right is from The Star Wars Virtual Reality Mission at The Void)

Episode 10: Springing into a No Kids Vacation at Disney Springs

  1. Intro and Episode Setup: 0:00 - 1:47
  2. Planning our No Kids Vacation 1:48 - 5:40
  3. Visiting Saratoga Springs: 5:41 - 9:25
  4. Eating at Saratoga Springs: 9:26 - 11:34
  5. Quick Overview of Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) 11:35 - 13:04
  6. Disney Springs Restaurant Reviews 13:05 - 24:00
    1. The Hangar Bar (Pass) 13:05 - 13:58
    2. Wine Bar George (Yum especially without kids) 13:59 - 15:20
    3. Vivoli il Gelato 15:21 - 15:55
    4. The Boathouse (Yum fun for all) 15:56 - 17:00
    5. Ragland Road (Yum fun for all) 17:01 - 17:32
    6. Morimoto Asia (Awesome, I could eat here every day) 17:33 - 19:15
    7. Enzo's Hideaway (Best Italian in Central Florida) 19:16 - 20:59
    8. The Edison (Bar is awesome, food review coming in 2020) 21:00 - 22:07
    9. Frontera Cocina (Solid upscale Mexican) 22:08 - 22:37
    10. D-Luxe Burger (Great burgers) 22:38  - 23:30
    11. The Coke Store (Avoid unless you want Coke apparel) 22:31 - 24:00
  7. Favorite Shopping and Other Spots Including The Void 24:01 - 27:16
  8. Summary 27:17 - end

Link to Disney's Saratoga Springs Hotel

Having a glass of wine at Wine Bar George


Lobster Roll at Saratoga Springs - YUM


Breakfast Burger at D-Luxe Burger


Deciding from all the Delicious Options at Morimoto Asia


Restaurant Links at Disney Springs (lots of links so enjoy)

Wine Bar George (New for us)

Enzo's Hideaway Bar (New for us)

Frontera Cocina (New for us)

Morimoto Asia

D-Luxe Burger

Vivoli il Gelato

The Boathouse

Raglan Road












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