Disney's Magic Kingdom

Episode 5: Magic Kingdom Munching


Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 5 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney. Episode 5 is titled Magic Kingdom Munching where we take a look at all the great places I've eaten at while visiting the Magic Kingdom so you know where you can eat. We talk about table service options, counter service option, and some of the great snacks you can enjoy. Thanks for listening and as always, please leave me comments good or bad.

Let's Go On This Ride,


Episode 5: Magic Kingdom Munching

  1. Intro: 0:00 - 2:13
  2. Planning Your Food Stops: 2:13 - 5:03
  3. Table Service Dining in Magic Kingdom 5:04 - 10:09
  4. Quick Service (Lunch and Dinners) 10:10 - 17:12
  5. Snacks 17:13 - 21:15
  6. Wrap Up and Thanks 21:16 - 23:02

Annotated Map of All The Great Places to Eat in the Magic Kingdom 2019


Starbucks Fix


Selfie with Tigger from Crystal Palace


Story Book Circus








Episode 1: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 1 of 3

Wow - this was my first dive into this Disney Podcast. You have know idea how hard it is to make a podcast until you have to do one yourself. I actually spent hours upon hours working on this podcast and listening to it again it's actually pretty good especially for a first episode. I'll be adding this podcast into other networks soon but here's a quick summary and helpful links. You'll have to listen to get the good details. Thanks for stopping by.

Let's Go On This Ride,


Episode 1: Surviving The Most Crowded Days in Disney Part 1 of 3

  1. Intro  0 - 0:55 seconds
  2. Why this podcast 0:56 - 2:04
  3. Ground rules for rides, tips etc 2:05 - 3:04
  4. Why the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve is so busy 3:05 - 5:09
  5. Step 1
    1. Plan the busiest day of your vacation first and in this case it's New Years Eve 5:10
    2. Visiting the park on New Year's Eve and why I like Magic Kingdom 7:27
    3. Dining reservations on New Year's Eve 8:00
    4. Parade positioning 10:12
    5. Fast pass reservations on New Year's Eve 12:46
    6. Zig when everyone else is Zagging 14:00

Magic Kingdom Map with Tips



The Gang on Splash Mountain (yes a fast pass that day)


The Castle on New Year's Eve - pretty right?