Star Wars

How to Get On Rise of The Resistance

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 19 of Zipadee Doo Dah Disney titled How to Get on Rise of the Resistance. That's right this episode focuses on Disney World's awesome 25 minute ride/show extravaganza located in Galaxy's Edge called Rise of The Resistance.  

Have you been on this ride? Because it is arguably the best ride in Disney World. Pretty much only Flights of Passage, Millennium Falcon, and perhaps Everest are even competitive.  Anyway, this episode quickly looks at Rise of the Resistance, where it is, what a virtual pass is and then, my top 5 steps for getting a coveted virtual boarding pass. That's right, I outline my patented (well not really but it should be) 5 steps to put you in the best spot to get a Rise of the Resistance boarding pass. Just 5 steps that costs you nothing to get that virtual pass.

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Episode 19 How to Get On Rise of The Resistance

0:00 Intro

1:31 What is Rise of The Resistance

4:38 Why My 5 Steps Will Help You

5:27 5 Steps to Get on Rise of The Resistance

10:04 Quick Recap of My 5 Steps (in case you don't want to listen to 5 minutes)

10:55 Wrap Up

Jake Surrounded!


Rey Gives You Orders

One Part of Rise of The Resistance

Lisa Loves a Man in Uniform

The Gang Gets Interrogated

A Successful Virtual Rise of The Resistance Boarding Pass

AT-AT Walker


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